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Quality Quality Quality

December 28, 2015

When a DJ says they are a quality DJ what does that mean? We can't speak for other DJ's, and as far as we're concerned we are constantly trying to improve our own. But in your consideration of a DJ when it comes to quality here is what makes us say "yes we are quality DJ.


1. SOUND. You will hear lots of DJ's boast about their sound. As a matter of fact it's our job to not only be a DJ but also a sound technician. We happen to love doing sound for bands and sound engineering is a facet of our job we love. However over the phone some Dj's may sweeten their words to fit the clients wants, not necessarily knowing what they need to have a quality system.  That is why its our job to educate you. People may boast about the size of their speakers, or how they are bringing a bose system to your event. Let me start by saying A HOME AUDIO SYSTEM IS NOT A PROFESSIONAL set up. This is why some of your top DJ's are using gear with brand names you may never have heard of.  We have put our trust in such names as QSC, YAMAHA, JBL,  AUDIO TECHNICA, EV, and more over the years. We do our research before every purchase and follow our ears way more than a price tag so we can give you the best sound we can. However much of the work isn't done through the speakers.

2. MUSIC. No matter how good your audio system is, if the music is of bad quality than the sound will be too. We purchase our music legally. This protects us as well as provides you with the best quality sound we can give you. However we do our part in putting together our set up, adjusting levels, applying crossover and EQ, as well as other things. This all is to give you the best quality we can. Because sometimes it's the things no one notices that people notice the most.

3.SERVICE. Don't ever do yourself the injustice of hiring someone to simply show up at your event. Someone showing up, and showing up on time isn't something that should be a concern with any professional DJ. There's much work that goes into an event before the actual date of. This is especially true of a wedding. Our years of experience gives us the knowledge to know everything thats involved both before the event and the day of. This job also gives us the opportunity to work with many many people. This means customer service has to be at the top of our list. We don't come to just play music. We are people persons. Interaction is important to us. We have to read people and interacting is just as important. This isn't something everyone notices and we aren't always acknowledged for this but good service brings us joy. And a happy DJ means a happy dance floor.


So please. When you hire a DJ ask questions, do research, know who your hiring. We would love to be your DJ. We know we have what it takes. We just don't want you to hire this guy ----> (see bottom picture) TRUST ME it happens.








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